James and Wendy

In 1986, God began to reveal to the world another phase in His plan to spread the gospel throughout all the world. God began to share His plan for the calling upon the life of a young man named James Bradford.
The son of an apostolic pastor from Mississippi, who grew up knowing the way the word and the world. This young man was currently serving in the U.S. Air Force but not realizing that his life and service was about to take a lifelong change.
Brother James, was brought up in the old school church. Brought us in the Word, respecting of elders and love for one another and being an active participant in ministry. He taught classes to the youth, sang and directed in choirs and even played the drums a little bit.
Accepting the call to ministry at the age of 20, he experience many blessing from obedience and also suffered many afflictions for growth. During one of the lowest points in his life, he found himself giving up the call and surrendering the mantle back to God as he felt he was not worthy of the calling and was more of a failure than a testimony. He ask God”How can you use me, when I have so many life failures? Who will listen to someone whose life is so shattered and the faith so low?”
Although he was ready to give up on God, God was not ready to give up on him. It was at that time, he heard God the clearest. It was at that time, he began to listen as God poured into him and strengthen him. He send him a help meet. Although he had been married before, God sent him what he needed and what God had prepared.
Married in 2003 to Wendy R. Marshall, as part of God’s master plan he called them to found, Living Word Love Fellowship Ministries.
God gave Pastor James a vision that matched his passion to help people. Through this vision, God showed him that he had called him to start a branch of Zion that would have a heart for the people and love for the father.
In May of 2005, God spoke to Elder James R. Bradford and said, it’s your turn. My turn, he replied, your turn to lead, develop and shepherd a branch of Zion. He shared what God had told him with his wife Wendy and she was on board and ready to move to the next level of obedience.
From the basement to the conference room. From the conference room to renting this space. From renting to buying and from buying to expanding, Pastor and First Lady have always said “Yes Lord” and not “But Lord”.
We are here today because of God’s word, servant’s obedience and God’s plan. This is why God is worthy of all praise.